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How can Erin help?


Your piano could be as much as a semitone down if it hasnt been tuned for a few years, in which case, a quick pitch raise, followed by a fine tuning can bring it up to something that sounds a lot more like a piano again!


Minor repairs encountered during tuning can usually be done within 10 or 15 minutes and are included in the price of the tune. More major repairs, broken bass strings and major parts replacements will either require a revisit or to be done in our workshop


Erin can assess and value your prospective or existing piano for and provide a written report based her findings.
Very handy to assure you are getting a great instrument or for insurance vaulations.


Who is this chick anyway?

A graduate of the prestigious Australasian School of Piano Technology, Erin spent 12 intense months of training under the watchful eye and ear of former Melbourne concert technician and Yamaha Australia senior technician Brent Ottley. The school teaches the dying art of aural tuning, voicing, piano repairs and the intricacies of regulation on both upright and grand pianos.

The intensity of the training will ensure that your piano will not be in the hands of a maverick tuner, but in the hands of someone who not only has a great understanding of the instrument, they also have a high level of respect and care for it which in turn will help bring the piano back to life and make it far more enjoyable to play.

Why piano tuning?

The first instrument Erin learnt to play was the piano. She was around 7 years old, and super enthusiastic about it. Her mum has always played, and her sister had been taking lessons for a year already. After 2 years of failing to practice and ‘forgetting’ to cut her fingernails, it was deemed that piano lessons were a waste of her teachers time. She went on to play Clarinet, saxophone and trumpet throughout her schooling years, and grew her nails to her hearts content. Her regular dabbling in piano long after her trusty clarinet started gathering dust in the corner directed her towards her new career as a piano tuner and is loving it.

Erin is now also managing and tuning for Greater Melbourne Piano Rentals if you are looking for a quality piano to hire on a short or long-term basis, give her a call and she will hook you up! She also has a fabulous Yamaha C5 available for events.



She's Competent and Competitive


$75 per hour

Piano Tuning

$150 Suburban Tune
$180 Regional Tune
$50 Pitch Raise


$75 per hour

Contact Erin for special prices for institutional tuning or to arrange a regional tour.


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Call Erin now on 0414 644 650 with any enquires,
to book your tuning or to chat about swizzlesticks.
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